I like gloomy, dark rooms.I like to leave my bedroom messy.Items on my desktop look like they are up for a big gathering to celebrate my untidiness.Yes,I am the 'untidy' girl.Very shameful to be a woman and untidy.But I am.

Methinks its really cute when mommy shouts at me to make me keep things in order..I like it when she reasons with me..and I fight back that I can spot my clothes better from the big pile of clothes lying uncared for than from the pile of ironed clothes lying like clean slates.I like it cause there is still somebody who's not lost hope in me : )

I miss her even when she's gone away for two days.My life stands silenced without her.

(one beautiful picture I found on the internet.. Doesn't this beat the hoity toity mothers we have around in the city these days? )



Red Handed

And your mother misses you more..M sure!!

Radhika Mehta

:) Thank you for visiting

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