I can get so dramatic sometimes.Can't seem to decide if it is a blessing to feel things so closely or a curse.

Umm.. Find below an example of how life can get funny and depressing at the same time:

Hello Dear Miss, How R U? Can we meet on phone. I have interest in you for live with you at end of the life. Thanks Jayxxx Shxx +917383xxxxxx


The new not-so-nice me

I am done being sweet & nice. Next time you come to me and ask for my opinion on your lousy wear or any crazy decision you plan to take, you will be served with a dead-rat stink straight & honest opinion and not-so-subtle views on it.

Why spin a ah-so-nice cocoon around when the reality is something else? 


If I am taking an important decision, it was definitely well thought.

If you want to give your expert opinion on my life and the decision I have taken, then would you also live my life for ME?

I hate going through it..all over again


Whichever phase of life you are in.. there is always a day when you want to face the sea and sit there contemplating about the life to come. .